"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wishing you a very joyous Christmas

A time filled with warmth and love.

And may your New Year be one that is bright and sparkling.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The students of second year did these graphics about different habits of fifth year. The first graph shows that we, 5th year, have an average of 9 - 10 hours of sleep. Most of us sleep between 10 and 12 pm daily. 

The second graph show the eating habits of the school. They have a healthy diet, they eat red meat, dairy foods and vegetables.These foods are essential for human development

Consumption of fish and white meats are below the normal range, they should eat more fish and white meats to have more phosphorus and zinc.



Monday, November 29, 2010

Graphs -

These graphs belongs to the work that students of second year in computer science and mathematics subjects, now we are going to analyze:

In the first graph we can see how many hours that girls use the computer. The total is seventy-seven. Twelve students use the computer for one to two hours; twenty-one use of two to three hours, twelve of three to four hours and more than four hours, twenty students. Many people really give much importance to the computer, the students spend much time on the computer and doesn't make other activities.

In the second graph we can see the hours students that watch television. People who were survey are sixty-seven. 41% of people watching television between one and two hours, the 33% only see two to three hours, the 22% of three to four hours and 4% more than four hours by day . We don't watch much television by day.

By Aguilera, Alvarez Nani, Ferreyra & Villán


The first graph contains the information of the quantity of hours that the pupils uses to study.
- Seventeen per cent does not use hours to study
- Fifty nine per cent uses from one to two hours to study
- Thirty two per cent uses from two to three hours to study
- Eight per cent uses from three to four hours to study
- Only one per cent uses more of four hours to study.


- Thirty five per cent is for-sighted as for his studies
- Sixty five per cent studies to last moment


- Twenty-six per cent, out of the school area studies languages
- Six per cent, he studies music
- Six remaining per cent, has other studies
- Ninety nine per cent, does not do anything


- Forty nine per cent, it is from Balvanera
- Eighteen per cent, it belongs to Saint Nicholas
- Two per cent, it is from San Cristóbal
- Other neighborhoods: thirty one per cent


- Fourteen per cent lives in a house
- Eighty six per cent lives in a department

Yamila Deamigo, Victoria Rojas, Priscila Puerta, Josué Ghiso

Graphs Of Second year.

They had to do Surveys in the secondary school to every year, from first year to fifth year. In the surveys they wrote questions referred to their way of life, healthy habits and personal hygiene. There were also questions about how much technology they used or communication means and activities of recreation. They asked about habits of study, zone of residence and questions of general interest.

Luis, Alan, Gonzalo y Nicolas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

St. Cecilia´s College

This video shows a play for the children of St. Cecilia´s College.
Those Children are blind, due to their problem, we work with senses.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


By: Alvarez, Buceta, Fidalgo, Orosco and Benitez, Chang, Martinez, Tejada.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interview -

By Aguilera, Alvarez N., Ferreyra, Villán, Palacios,Altamirano, Calizaya y Segovia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

María Victoria Rojas, Yamila De amigo, Josué Ghiso, Priscila Puerta, Judit Fernández, Camila Ferreyra, Florencia Blanco y Rodrigo Gomez.

María Victoria Rojas, Josué Ghiso, Yamila De amigo, Priscila Puerta, Camila Ferreyra, Judit Fernández, Florencia Blanco y Rodrigo Gomez.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Personality transplant

Listen to the article and decide if these statements are true or false

a. Doctors have found a way to transplant people’s personalities. T / F
b. A professor said people wouldn’t mind receiving the heart of a killer. T / F
c. People who receive new organs say they share the donor’s memories. T / F
d. Most donor patients believe they have some of the donor’s personality. T / F
e. The professor said very few people are superstitious about transplants. T / F
f. The professor said the most logical people are the most superstitious. T / F
g. A British teenager received a new heart even though she didn’t want it. T / F
h. Scientists have evidence that personality accompanies donated organs. T / F

  • Would you be willing to donate your organs after you die?
  • Do you carry an organ donor card?
  • Do you think parts of a donor’s personality is transplanted along with the organ?
  • Would you accept a killer’s heart if you needed a heart transplant?
  • What do you think of giving someone a transplant against their will?
  • Would you like a personality transplant?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's talk

  • What do you think of when you see these images?
  • How would you like to live in such a house?
  • Have you ever seen a bat? How would you react if you saw one?
  • What's your opinion about ghosts? Do they exist. . .?
  • What about witches?

Friday, September 17, 2010


Watch this video about conditional sentences. Once you've finished, answer the questions at the bottom of the post.

  1. What would you do if you had more time?
  2. Where would you go if you could travel without difficulties?
  3. Which famous person would you like to meet if you could and why?
  4. What would you buy if you had more money?
  5. What would you do if a teacher gave a low grade for a work you consider good?


The first conditional (also called conditional type 1) is a structure used for talking about possibilities in the present or in the future.

This page will explain how the first conditional is formed, and when to use it. You will also find some exercises

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Water Pollution

Comprising over 70% of the Earth surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without the seemingly invaluable compound comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, life on Earth would be non-existent: it is essential for everything on our planet to grow and prosper. Although we as humans recognize this fact, we disregard it by polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Subsequently, we are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms
are dying at a very alarming rate. In addition to innocent organisms dying off, our drinking water has become greatly affected as is our ability to use water for recreational purposes. In order to combat water pollution, we must understand the problems and become part of the solution.

Many causes of pollution including sewage and fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates. In excess levels, nutrients over stimulate the growth of aquatic plants and algae. Excessive growth of these types of organisms consequently clogs our waterways, use up dissolved oxygen as they decompose, and block light to deeper waters.
This, in turn, proves very harmful to aquatic organisms as it affects the respiration ability or fish and other invertebrates that reside in water.
Pollution is also caused when silt and other suspended solids, such as soil, wash off plowed fields, construction and logging sites, urban areas, and eroded river banks when it rains. Under natural conditions, lakes, rivers, and other water bodies undergo Eutrophication, an aging process that slowly fills in the water body with sediment and organic matter. When these sediments enter various bodies of water, fish respiration becomes impaired, plant productivity and water depth become reduced, and aquatic organisms and their environments become suffocated. Pollution in the form of organic
material enters waterways in many different forms as sewage, as leaves and grass clippings, or as runoff from livestock feedlots and pastures. When natural bacteria and protozoan in the water break down this organic material, they begin to use up the oxygen dissolved in the water. Many types of fish and bottom-dwelling animals cannot survive when levels of dissolved oxygen drop below two to five parts per million. When this occurs, it kills aquatic organisms in large numbers which leads to disruptions in the food chain.

Pollution of the air

In the big cities as good airs, the air becomes unbeatable for the smokes of the factories, heatings, public transport, particular cars, motorcycles, groups and trucks that spit black smoke from his pipes of leak. The smoke is a set of particles of fuel that it does not stop carbonizing. This problem supported by all and almost without control, it us proves that this alteration of the environment turns out to be unfavorable for the natural environment and is a direct or indirect consequence of the activity of the human. Nowdays the levels of pollution of the air in the city of Buenos Aires, are very high, a product of the particles in suspecion like: Hollin, polvo, aerosol, gases, steams, smokes and smelly substances. All the human beings we depend of the environment because of it is so important to assume our responsibility without stopping admitting that an important obstacle resides in the financing source of the environmental programs. It is indispensable that the economic systems incorporate the environmental cost, since all the natural resources are goods of the public domain and I spoil and his pollutions commit an outrage against and common, right good dedicate in the constitution

Effects of the pollution

The effect of greenhouse, the destruction of the cap of ozone and the acid rain, between others. Cars, trucks, groups, heatings and many other elements more, they dismiss gas infinity that they contaminate the atmosphere. When the carbonic anhydride (Co) is accumulating slowly in the atmosphere it provokes the effect of screen that prevents that the heat escapes to the space, with what the atmospheric temperature increases. The aerosols and other pollutant products affect the cap of ozone that surrounds our atmosphere, which protects us from the dangerous radiations proceeding from the space. Diseases like the cancer and up to l alteration of our genes they are the serious risks to which we are exposed.

The origin of the acid rain is the water steam that reacts with the pollutant particles and gives place to acids and oxides therefore the water that falls down is acid and corrodes the metals, destroys the stone and the cement of the buildings and kills the plants.

The acid rain and other forms of pollution are not accidents, but the result of a form of life and are not easy to resolve. The consequences of the air pollution for the health they are immense. According to the organization mundial for the health of between 85 % to 95 % of all the diseases of the respiratory tracts they have toher.

In order that between all we could do something in order that this air little clean more, we give you the serious one of recommendations:

If your, your family or your friends of study damaging the environment directly or indirectly, make first your style of life and after it tries to persuade them in order that they do the same thing

The contribution more big to the global warming comes from the fossil fuels.

Reflection end

It is necessary to provoke a cultural deep change in the population with regard to his conviviality with the noises, exiling the historical habit of associating noise and power that so much I damage does us. The performance of each one of us depends of our neighbors with regard to the noises. The result sera an improvement in the relation between the persons conflicts were avoided, suffering unnecessary human beings, and you prop, it was increasing the efficiency and aptitude to complete of the persons and the city in his set.

Clearly, the problems associated with water pollution have the capabilities to disrupt life on our planet to a great extent. Congress has passed laws to try to combat water pollution thus acknowledging the fact that water pollution is, indeed, a serious issue. But the government alone cannot solve the entire problem. It is ultimately up to us, to be informed, responsible and involved when it comes to the problems we face with our water. We must become familiar with our local water resources and learn about ways for disposing harmful household wastes so they dont end up in sewage treatment plants that can’t handle them or landfills not designed to receive hazardous materials. In our yards, we must determine whether additional nutrients are needed before fertilizers are applied, and look for alternatives where fertilizers might run off into surface waters. We have to preserve existing trees and plant new trees and shrubs to help prevent soil erosion and promote infiltration of water into the soil. Around our houses, we must keep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass clippings out of gutters and storm drains. These are
just a few of the many ways in which we, as humans, have the ability to combat water pollution. As we head into the 21st century, awareness and education will most assuredly continue to be the two most important ways to prevent water pollution. If these measures are not taken and water pollution continues, life on earth will suffer severely.
Global environmental collapse is not inevitable. But the developed world must work with the developing world to ensure that new industrialized economies do not add to the world's environmental problems. Politicians must think of sustainable development rather than economic expansion. Conservation strategies have to become more widely accepted, and people must learn that energy use can be dramatically diminished without sacrificing comfort. In short, with the technology that currently exists, the years of global environmental mistreatment can begin to be reversed.

  • Many causes of pollution including sewage and fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates
  • Pollution is also caused when silt and other suspended solids, such as soil, washoff plowed fields, construction and logging sites, urban areas, and eroded river banks when it rains.
  • Comprising over 70% of the Earth surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet.
  • Global environmental collapse is not inevitable. But the developed world must work with the developing world to ensure that new industrialized economies do not add to the world's environmental problems.
  • Without the seemingly invaluable compound comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, life on Earth would be non-existent: it is essential for everything on our planet to grow and prosper.

Friday, September 10, 2010

By; Aguilera, Alvarez N, Ferreyra and Villán
How to care for the world

Preserving our Earth is something that takes everyone working together to see results and make the change successful. Working to save the environment can happen in the home, at work or in between. You may not know which way is best to start, so choosing to start at home should be your top priority. Starting at home can save you money as well as preserve the earth.

Because there are so many different ways to preserve the earth and take care of the environment we don't need the modern technology that is available today but we want it, not realizing the long term affect that our wants have on the earth.


# Turn the water off while you brush your teeth
# Turn the lights off when you leave the room
# Put cans, paper products and plastic containers in the recycling bin instead of the trash # Learn to recycle other materials such as newspapers, magazines, clothing and more.
# Don't stand with the refrigerator door open to look at what is available
# Dress warmer so the heat can stay at a minimum during the day and evening

The pollution

The pollution

The Pollution


Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the next blog we want to explain the contamination of our environment.

can be observed, two videos, which explains the pollution we create and do not give importance
and on the other side you can see pictures of factories expelling chemicals.
because of this, pollution has increased rapidly. today there are ways to avoid the high pollution,and simply ignored.
but, early or afternoon affect us in the future in the summers very hotter and winters very colder.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Do you feel like having some fun? Being so, watch the following video, but first answer these questions.

  1. Do you have an account in Facebook?
If you do have one:

  1. How often do you log in?
  2. Do you need to visit it everyday?
  3. How addictive do you think it is?
  4. What kind of information do you publish?
If you don't:

  1. Is there a particular reason why you haven't opened one?
For everybody:

  1. How dangerous do you think it is?
  2. Why do people like uploading personal photos and information to these kind of sites?
What's this ironic song trying to tell us?

    If you feel like singing along, here's the lyrics:

    I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly
    and there’s not much that separates me from the other guy
    but when I login I begin to live

    There’s an online world where I am king
    of a little website dedicated to me
    with pictures of me and a list of my friends
    and an unofficial record of the groups that I’m in.

    Before the internet friendship was so tough
    you actually had to be in peoples presence and stuff
    who would’ve thought that with a point and a click
    I could know that Hope Floats is your favorite flick (harry connick jr. ?)

    Facebook (Facebook)
    I’m Hooked on Facebook
    I used to meet girls hanging out at the mall, now I just wait for them to write on my wall.
    (its more than a want, its more than a need; I’d schrivel up and die without my minifeed)
    Take a look. (You’re Hooked) on facebook.

    oh Link's status changed. it says hes playing the recorder....

    how do you know this person?
    did you hook up with this person?
    do you need to request confirmation?
    or did you just think they looked cute..from their picture on facebook?

    if the internet crashed all across the land
    or my facebook account was deleted by the man
    I’d carry around a picture of my face
    and a summary of me typed out on a page

      Monday, August 16, 2010


      Sometimes you feel you don't know how you should say it, how to pronounce it properly...I wish I had such a tool when I was a student !!

      Register to English Central, choose your level, pick a video.
      Then start listening and RECORD your own voice. The program will give you points and it will remember and register your advances ...

      YOUR TASK: Visit the page, choose a video and after watching it, record yourself. Once you've finished, tell us about your experience.

      (Activity from Susana del Valle's blog)

      Saturday, August 14, 2010

      Joachina of Vedruna.

      This video shows the life of Joachina of Vedruna. I think that she was an amazing person who did a lot of good things. At present we continue with her mission.

      Some 4th year students of our school interviwed sister Elisa about Joachina´s life.


      Thursday, August 12, 2010


      This is a poster greeting some students on 21st September, "Students Day".

      By placing the cursor on "Glogster" you will see the option to view it "full size".

      Hope you enjoy it!

      Wednesday, August 11, 2010

      Alan Maldonado

      Hi my name is Alan G. Maldonado I am 17 years Old, I was born 21 of dicember in 1992, my friend usually call me Amayan. I've lived In Buenos Aires Since Is was a Child. I love Tennis, I was a Good player but now I do another sport. Im a serius person I like study I think that I am a good studen an a great friend. Im tall whit black hair and brown eyes. I will be the best of the world.

      Friday, August 6, 2010

      Hi my name is Luis Quiroz I'm 17 years old, I've been living in Argentina Since I have eight o ten year I don't remenber xP. I were born IN lima, Peru in 1993. Im a Taller person whit black hair and brown eyes I'm very funny but at the same time I'm a serious person :). I like play fotboll and boxeo I Love me :P jeje XD

      Thursday, July 15, 2010

      Hi,I have 17 years old, my name is Nicolás Pereyra and my friends call me Bimbo,I born on 4 december the 1992 in capital federal,I am studying in the last year of the institute corazón de jesús.
      I'm tall and i have short hair and brown eyes.
      My life is the martial arts, and in my free time I play football, one of my dreams is buy to a big mansion.

      Hello, my name is Lucia, 17 years old. I was born in October 7 in 1992.
      I'm studying in the 5th year of the institute corazón de jesús.
      In the future, i plans study, but i am between martillera publica and ceremonial
      y protocolo and i would like to know paris (also i would like to meet justin timberlake♥ jaja)
      My family is compound for parents and my sister. Also, i live with them.
      I'm tall, with long dark hair and brown eyes.

      Hello, my name is Priscilla Puerta Ferrazzano and my friends call me Pri. I have a 17 years old, i was born on March 28, 1993 in Capital Federal. I'm tall and I have light brown long hair and honey eyes. In my free time I like hanging out with friends and my boyfriend. I love to dance, now learn salsa and reggaeton and other styles. I go to the gym and play volleyball. I go to the heart of jesus school in 5th year. The next year I plan to study nutrition.

      Wednesday, July 14, 2010

      Hello, my name is brian, I am 18 years old. I am from Argentina, Buenos Aires, the Federal Capital.
      I am not very high, I am thin, have brown dark eyes, I have chestnut hair and usually I use it short. I live with my mom and my sister.
      I like the green colour and black too. I like to enjoy the life, the animals, to listen to music and I work in the church. I love going out with friends, play Football and going to dancing.
      I am the River Plate Club team. I am a responsible, funny, a reliable person, and very disordered. I would like to continue studying medicine in the UBA.

      Hello, my name is Nahuel Orosco and I’m seventeen years old. I’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I have brown eyes, shot brown hair,I’m thin and I measure 1.80 :) I’m kidding I measure 1.65. I’m studying my last year at “Instituto Corazón de Jesús” and this year we will travel to Bariloche.
      I’m a cheerful boy, friendly, talkative, jealous and responsible. I love play music, sleep and technological things, like cellphones, computers, games.. I like going out with my friends and going to the cinema with Mar.The next year I’m going to study Business Administration at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). When I grow up I would like to travel, have a nice family with dogs and be happy.

      Hello, my name is Irma but my friends call me Irmi. I have 17 years old and I was born on 18th December, 1992 in Capital Federal. I grew up in Balvanera. I'm tall, I have brown eyes, I have brown hair and I'm a River Plate fan. I live with my mom. I go to Corazón de Jesùs Institute and I'm in 5th year. Next year I'll go to work and study. I love music because it makes me happy and I enjoy it so much. I play volleyball and I love it. In a few years I'll have my own house and I'll have four children.

      Hello, my name is Mariana. I'm 17 and was born in March 23, 1933 in Capital Federal. I'm tall, I have dark hair, brown eyes, and I have the habit of laughing all the time. I'm nice and fun. I live with my mom. I go to school Corazón de Jesús and I am in 5th year. Next year I will go to the University and I will study Marketing but still don't know the university, if UCES or USAL.
      One of the things I love is photography and it's something I love it with all my heart, and I find it very exciting. I'm very organized and orderly. I love sports are swimming and volleyball. I love listen to music. In a few years I will have my house, travel of the world and i will have two children.

      In the photo I was in Merlo, San Luis, on holidays in the summer. Bye :)

      Hi! My name is Gonzalo Mendez, but i say Rulo. I have 17 years and was born on May 30, 1993. I have the short hair brown my eyes, i am high and tall. I crie in Lanus, but years later i came to live in Federal Capital. I love playing football, practically is my life,but i break the fémur and i can’t play for a time. I like listen to music, going out with friends, goin to dance, play to play-station and wach at the t.v. am funny, very jealous, good friend, disorderly and i am a little crazy. Live with my mother I’am the Lanus club team. After the secondary am going to study kinesiologia , at the UBA or physical education, at the CENAR.

      Hello! My name is María Victoria Rojas. I’m argentinian, i was born in cap.fed on 14 th october 1992. I have brown hair and brown eyes and my measure is 1.60. I’m a sociable girl, I try to be a good person and help others. I’m a responsable person with my homeworks and i hate the disorder. I’m going to corazon de jesus school, i’m in the 5th year, in my spare time I go to the gim and I learn english. I live with my parents, mi brother, a cat and my handsome nephew. I’m a river plate fan and i love rock ‘n roll I love going to the stadium and recitals to see my favourites bands. I love my family and my friends, i love share and spend time with them. I enjoy buying clothes for myself, i like cars and i’m learning how to drive, I like color green and animals, specialy dogs but I got cockroach phobia. The next year i will go to university of salvador, i will study Psychology and pedagogy because I like help and listened to children. My dream will be buy me a house, a car, make a family , have children and be happy.

      Tuesday, July 13, 2010

      About me - Josué Ghiso.

      Hi! my name is Josué Ghiso, and I have a lot of things to tell about me.
      I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born on 24 August 1992.
      I'm 17 years old and I am studying at the Instituto Corazón de Jesús. I am in my last year at High School, so next year I'm going to study a career called Ciencias de la Comunicación, at the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires).
      I have brown eyes and short dark hair. I'm neither tall nor short, but actually I really like being like this.
      My favorite color is black (in fact, I ususally wear black clothes).
      I've practised swimming since I was a child (I really like it!).
      I am quite extrovert and funny. I think that I am a responsible guy - I mean, I don't need someone to control me with my homework or whatever.
      I don't have any brothers and sisters, but I'd like to have a older brother, so I would have somebody to bother all the time.
      I love going out with my friends and spend time with them.
      I live with my mother.
      I have also a negative thing: I am too honest, and I can really hurt people when I'm discussing.
      Well, I think I've said enough about me, so I hope you to like my description.

      The girl in the picture is my best friend, Sofía! (she's a very nice girl and I know her since I was six!).

      Hello, my name is Yamila Deamigo .
      I'm Argentinian. I was born in July 1992.
      I'm 18 years old and I'm studying at the Instituto Corazón de Jesús.
      I am a tall girl, I have long brown hair, green eyes, I am a very friendly girl, good, orderly, responsible, sweet ,shy, gentle, fun, reliable and loving. I love the kids, listening to music, dancing, go out with friends, playing volleyball, going to movies, watch TV , I enjoy buying clothes, go to the gym ,and enjoy life. I'm neither tall nor short. I try to be a good person and help my friends.
      I live with my parents , my brother and my dog.
      I like the color pink and animals. I'm a Racing fan. I love going to the stadium, theater and concerts. I would like to study psychology.

      Thursday, July 8, 2010

      Describing people, places and things.

      1. 'Read all about it!' It is a game where you'll use adjectives to make more interesting sentences. 
      Are you ready to play? Click here and start!

      2. When you want to describe people, places or things you need to use adjectives. These are words like 'brown', 'long' and 'curly'.
      Do you think you're ready for the adjectives quiz? You will find it here (try the three levels).

      3. After doing exercises 1 and 2, post your own personal advert for a dating agency. You can upload your photograph. 
      Use the adjectives you have learnt.

      Monday, July 5, 2010


      • Do you suffer from phobias?
      • If so, what's your biggest one?
      • If you don't, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
      Listen to these people:

      • make a list of their phobias
      • comment about it

      Monday, June 28, 2010


      Do you find tenses tricky? Can you tell if a sentence is in the present or past tense?

      Have a go at this three level 'tenses' quiz to find out!http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/words/grammar/tenses/getting_the_right_tense/quiz.shtml

      TIP! Make sure you answer every question. Don't be afraid - just have a go!

      If you'd like to know more about tenses first, try the factsheets.

      The game where you can win points by getting your tenses right!




      Saturday, June 19, 2010

      Father's Day

      As all of you know, tomorrow we're celebrating Father's Day.

      I'd like you to watch the following video and enumerate the steps to make a Father's Day Memory Album.

      If it's too difficult for you to understand it just by listening, you can also read it by clicking on the green arrow on the right.

      No excuses then . . . Start working. Who knows, you might also make an album for your father, too!

      Deadline: Wednesday 23rd

      Thursday, June 17, 2010

      World Cup Anthem

      How about singing the World Cup Anthem while you watch Argentina win.

      Thursday, June 10, 2010

      Holy Joachina de Vedruna's

      View more presentations from Yami.

      By; Aguilera, Deamigo, Ferreyra and Rojas :)


      I am wanted because I stole on June 1st, an important bank in the U.S. I did it because I needed money to pay the rent of my house, and if I didn't do it, I would pass the rest of my life in the streets. I think it's too late to apologize for the crime, because I know that the people that was working there were very scared, but I really needed the money. I want you to know that I would do it again!

      Wednesday, June 9, 2010

      Nicolas Pereyra is looked for the murder of a man called Tony. Nicolás Pereyra is 17 years old and is a Tae Kwon Do master. He has a Kung Fu life. The police's searching this person alive because he posses confidential information . He is an attractive young person but he's very bad.

      Tuesday, June 8, 2010

      Wanted For Murder

      The defendant Alan Maldonado is looked By the murder and disappearance of the gentleman Roger Federer. Alan maldonado, 17-year-old tennis player, was the last one in entering to the residence of the gentleman Federer. After knowing of his disappearance, some hypotheses hold that the body was murdered by the track of blood in the floor of the room. The family of this one went to realize the denunciation to the department of Police investigation of the city of London. There aren't known the whereabouts of both persons.

      Brian Fidalgo 17-year-old student, is looked for fire had lit the college New Center Of Estudy Located in Ayacucho and Current. The alunmo was seen by last time going out of the college after this one having initiated the ununtilled one. Nothing is known of his whereabouts, The this city police realizing an International search to meet on the student. The firemen still did not identify the reason of the fire. The bordering countries cooperate in the search of this 17-year-old student.

      The MOst Wanted Of America

      The young person 16-year-old Luis Quiroz is looked for being very attractive, one accuses of having broken several hearts of adolecentes of between 15 to 25 years. The families of these worried by the situation of his daughters realized denunciations in the new police department located in Palermo, demanding that this attractive young person must be stoped and be Imprisoned to stop the situation.

      We’re looking for a girl with green eyes, brown hair, short stature named Lucía Villán, from Argentina. It is said that such an ambitious girl murdered a prominent businessman in the U.S., on June 1st with whom he had an affair. This accident occurred after he kicked her out of the company where they both worked. This girl can also have information on some things which are also blamed her husband. After the assassination Villan took all their belongings and decided to leave North America. Since then we are looking for her with help of Argentina's federal police and the FBI, preferably alive

      The New York Police Departament (NYPD) and the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) are looking for a man called Nahuel M. Orosco and his nickname is “El Porteño”. He has forty-two years old and he is very dangerous.
      The last time that the people saw this person was in 1999 and he was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      Apparently he escaped to Río de Janeiro, Brazil and he hid in the Favela.
      He is accused for murder, kidnapping, rape and drug smuggling from Bolivia to Argentina. If you have some information about this man please call to the next number: (55) 858-0099 or (011) 4444-8899, the person that help us will have a reward of U$S 100000. Thanks for your attention

      Monday, June 7, 2010

      He's looked for because he robbed in a local of the Alto Palermo Shopping. He tried to stole some money from the cash machine when the police arrived and started a dangerous secuence. The thief really scared the people who were in the place. Later, afte a few minutes, Gonzalo Mendez (this is the name of this man, finally ran away with the money.
      Now the police of Argentina are looking for him. Please if you see him, just make a call to us.

      WANTED -

      They looking me for stealing a closet that have clothes that can change your personality. You can get any garment you want, trousers, shirts, t-shirt, accessories, jackets, sweaters, etc.. Especially, shoes and handbags. In addition, we can created perfumes only with the mentality. This closet is very to covet by all women. That is reason why I'm in serious risk, because all of them want to steal these thing from me. I’m the only one who knows where to find that closet. This is the reason why you need me alive and not dead. Men have tried to steal me this closet but haven’t been able yet, but I must hide from frantic woman that are purely materialistic and is a job very tired. That’s why hid in safe place the closet so the world isn’t yet ready to wear this… so in the meantime, I’ll wear them ;)

      I listened that my captured is of $5000 but it exists the most biggest problem.. Nobody never going to me capture !


      We are looking for a girl called Yamila Deamigo from Argentina, who has stolen jewelry in the most important city in Europe. That was on May 31st.She has stolen rings, bracelets and gold watches. If you know something about her, please don't hesitate to contact us. The telephone is the following: 000-800 / 4256-8569.
      Yamila has also been accused on Monday of the Alleged Theft of More Than 150 million credit and debit card numbers, as U.S. Officials believe is the largest case of identity.
      Last week, she stole a DNI and she could do this in name of that person. She bought a car and a house with that identity

      Who ever helps us will have a reward of $ 5000. We thank you very much for your attention.


      Josué Ghiso (born August 24, 1886) is an Argentine teenage criminal. He was found guilty of conspirancy to commit three murders in his own house. Ghiso and the other killer invited the victims to his home just to have dinner, and when had finished and his friends were leaving, Ghiso took a knife and killed them one by one. Ghiso is associated with "Mente Enferma", an Argentine rock band. This connection with rock music linked him, from the beginning of his notoriety, with pop culture, in which he became an emblem of insanity, violence, and the macabre. After Ghiso was charged with the crimes, he confessed that he was listening to this kind of music at the time of the crimes. He said that he had loved rock music since he was little, and it was his muse. Ghiso's death sentence was automatically commuted to life imprisonment when a 1998 decision of the Supreme Court of Argentina eliminated the state's death penalty. Ghiso was an unemployed ex-convict who had spent half of his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offences. In the period before the murders, he was on the distant fringe of the Argentina music industry.
      Argentina's eventual reestablishment of capital punishment did not affect Ghiso, who is an inmate at Corcoran State Prison.
      Nowdays, Josué Ghiso is wanted death or alive.

      Wanted for murder

      Wanted because she killed her husband by infidelity whith her best friend. He was killed while sleeping at night. She hit a shot in the head, then quartered and buried in the garden and went home that night. She knew of infidelity through text messages in the mobile phone of her husband and they were secretly and then decided kill him. She run away from home and wrote a letter for her friend threatening death. His whereabouts unknown. Was last seen in the vicinity of Bariloche. She was dressed in a jean pants, a pink short, a black jacket, a black sneakers and a blonde wig. May be that is hidden at the home of a relative. May be armed and is considered a dangerous person. Willing to give any information contact the police immediately please because it would be very useful for us and you will receive a reward of U$S10.000.Thank you very much
      Here's 2nd year studying with the teacher of English,Marina Alfonso . Also we see their works about "Inmigrations" . Very beautiful and interesting his works.

      Yamila Deamigo , Nahuel Orosco , Brian Fidalgo and Victoria Rojas.

      Friday, June 4, 2010

      How to post powerpoint presentations

      You can do it by uploading them in this site: http://www.slideshare.net/

      They will give you an ebbeding code to publish it in the blog.

      You can try it!

      Thursday, June 3, 2010

      3rd year's Bicentennial Work!

      Here's 3rd year studying with the teacher of Language and Literature, Adriana Tessio. Also we see their works about English artists and singers.

      By Álvarez Irma, Álvarez Luis, Aguilera Lucía, Villán Lucía & Ferreyra Mariana :)!

      Wednesday, June 2, 2010

      Saint Joaquina's Ceremony

      We had a wonderful Saint Joachina's Celebration. Here are some photographs taken by Josue during the mass. It was full of love and expressions of happiness; everyone collaborated in one way or another.

      Here is 5th year's chorus. Great performance!

      Students from primary and secondary school cellebrated and prayed together.

      Students from our primary school made this colourful and expressive poster. Congratulations!