"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello, my name is Yamila Deamigo .
I'm Argentinian. I was born in July 1992.
I'm 18 years old and I'm studying at the Instituto Corazón de Jesús.
I am a tall girl, I have long brown hair, green eyes, I am a very friendly girl, good, orderly, responsible, sweet ,shy, gentle, fun, reliable and loving. I love the kids, listening to music, dancing, go out with friends, playing volleyball, going to movies, watch TV , I enjoy buying clothes, go to the gym ,and enjoy life. I'm neither tall nor short. I try to be a good person and help my friends.
I live with my parents , my brother and my dog.
I like the color pink and animals. I'm a Racing fan. I love going to the stadium, theater and concerts. I would like to study psychology.

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