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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Monday, November 29, 2010

Graphs -

These graphs belongs to the work that students of second year in computer science and mathematics subjects, now we are going to analyze:

In the first graph we can see how many hours that girls use the computer. The total is seventy-seven. Twelve students use the computer for one to two hours; twenty-one use of two to three hours, twelve of three to four hours and more than four hours, twenty students. Many people really give much importance to the computer, the students spend much time on the computer and doesn't make other activities.

In the second graph we can see the hours students that watch television. People who were survey are sixty-seven. 41% of people watching television between one and two hours, the 33% only see two to three hours, the 22% of three to four hours and 4% more than four hours by day . We don't watch much television by day.

By Aguilera, Alvarez Nani, Ferreyra & Villán

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