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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Monday, July 5, 2010


  • Do you suffer from phobias?
  • If so, what's your biggest one?
  • If you don't, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
Listen to these people:

  • make a list of their phobias
  • comment about it


Yami said...

I do not suffer from phobias

If a friend has a phobia of bugs

repetition phobia

phobia of silence


phobia of ARGH , exclamation

the video is very funny and original

Mariana Ferreyra said...

I suffer from arachnophobia. It's the most horrible of the world to me. I begin to tremble, and to cry, and I can't breathe well, is very desperate.

The video phobias are, to apologize ,to silence, to ARGH! and the last man I don't understand.
In the video the people are vey mad

Nahuel Orosco said...

I don't suffer from any phobia.

The first man: Apologize
The first woman: Repetition
The second man: Scream ("Argh!")
The second woman: Silence
The last man: Something with the other people's phobias =/

The video is funny jaj

Lucía V. said...

The video shows that the fobias are apologizes, terrified of repetition, ARGH and silence.

Do you suffer from phobias?
Yes, I do.

If so, what's your biggest one?
high altitude and i'm so afraid of cockroaches

Luis Alvarez said...

I don't know if now I suffer from phobias, but when I was little I had suffer from phobias to bats. They're repugnants.

In the video, people coments about their phobias to silence, to apologize, to ARGH! and they looks like a mind freaks!

Ro :) said...

I have phobia about darkness, death, and loneliness. It's very very ugly.

Marina Alfonso said...

It must be awful!