"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello, my name is Nahuel Orosco and I’m seventeen years old. I’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I have brown eyes, shot brown hair,I’m thin and I measure 1.80 :) I’m kidding I measure 1.65. I’m studying my last year at “Instituto Corazón de Jesús” and this year we will travel to Bariloche.
I’m a cheerful boy, friendly, talkative, jealous and responsible. I love play music, sleep and technological things, like cellphones, computers, games.. I like going out with my friends and going to the cinema with Mar.The next year I’m going to study Business Administration at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). When I grow up I would like to travel, have a nice family with dogs and be happy.

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