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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Monday, April 26, 2010

Revision time

In the space provided, write the proper form of the irregular verb named in parentheses after the space. Either a simple past or a participle form of the verb will be required



Put a text into sentences. When you finish, tell us how well you did it:


Song: Let me fall

Watch this video and listen to this wonderful song.

Once you've watched the video, do the following activities:
  • First, try to fill in the blanks of the lyrics; print it and sing along.
  • Second, answer the questions below.

Let me fall

Let me ___________ , Let me _________
There's a ___________ when fear
And ___________ must collide

Someone I am Is waiting for ___________
The one I want
The one I will become
Will ___________ me

So let me fall
If I must fall I won't heed your ___________
I won't ___________ them

Let me fall If I fall
Though the phoenix may
Or may not ___________ I will ___________ so freely
Holding on to no one
You can hold me only
If you too will ___________
Away from all these
Useless fears and chains

Someone I am
Is waiting for my ___________
The one I want
The one I will become
Will ___________ me

So let me fall
If I must fall
I won't heed your ___________
I won't ___________

Let me fall If I fall
There's no reason
To miss this one ___________
This perfect moment
Just let me fall

  • What does this song and performance mean to you?
  • What can you associate its message with?
  • Who's speaking?
  • Who is the message for?
Here is some information about the singer: Joshua Winslow Groban (born February 27, 1981) is a Grammy-nominated American singer/songwriter known for his baritone voice. He has concentrated his career so far mostly in concert singing and recordings, although he has stated that he wishes to pursue musical theatre in the future.
Interesting, isn't it?

Are you a complainer?

We sometimes speak about having a positive or negative attitude.

Find out how negative your attitude has gotten and what you should do about it.

Try HERE!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

All Fools Day

Here is some interesting information about All Fools Day, or April Fools Day in Britain.

Listen to the spokesman and share your answers in the comments section:

  1. What's this day for?
  2. How long has this day been celebrated?
  3. When did one of the most famous tricks take place?
  4. Where was it published?

Say if these statementes are true or false:

  1. Panorama included a report about the problems facing spaghetti farmers in Switzerland.
  2. Many people apparently accepted the documentary at face value.
  3. The Panorama report was a spoof.
  4. Since then, newspapers haven't published spoof stories again.

Here are some of the words expressed int the presentation:
mischief, at face value, urn
  • Do we have a similar celebration? If so, when is it?
  • Do you take part in it?
  • What anecdotes can you share with us?

Present Perfect vs Simple Past

Let's go on practising the present perfect and the past simple tenses, shall we?

Go to the following link:http://real-english.com/reo/52/52-1.htm

There you will find short videos with different kinds of comprehension question. If you have a microphone, , you'll also be able to record yourself.

Try it, you'll surely enjoy it!

Don't forget to write about your experience in "comments".

Present Perfect vs. Simple Past

Here are some pages where you can practise the tenses. Visit them and share your experience in comments.

For and since:


Present perfect vs. Past simple:



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome message

Let's start playing. Try to solve the following puzzle and answer the questions below.

First, click on the arrow in order to be able to start playing.

After that, come back and answer the questions below, just by clicking on "comments"!!!

Click to Mix and Solve

* What sport is the one in the puzzle?
* How dangerous do you think it is?
* Have you ever done it? If so, who with? Where did you do it? What did you feel?
* If not, would you like to do it? Why? Why not?

* Do you consider yourself a sporty person?

How to post a comment

Follow these steps (if you need to see the images more clearly, just click on them):