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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Friday, May 7, 2010


The following site lets you draw a person and then turns your drawing into a bunch of dancing people having a good time.


Activity to be done in pairs:

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the site
  • Draw a person
  • Get the embedding code and post the animation in your blog
Describe in writing:
  • what he/she is doing
  • what he/she looks like
  • what is going on in the animation
  • why he/she is there
  • who he/she is with
Here's mine, without description:


bimbo said...

this is my blog http://ndpereyra.blogspot.com/
do you like? :)

bimbo said...

the person is dancing and is very happy whit others person :)

Marian said...

Look our work by Nahuel Orosco and Ferreyra Mariana :). We hope that you like it!

Josué and Yamila said...


This is our draw! Let us know if you like it!
Our draw is happy, he's dancing and jumping :)

Lucía V. & Gonzalo Mendez said...


Here's our animation Gonzi :) jaja

what he/she is doing
He's dancing :)
what he/she looks like
He looks like a player of Boca Juniors
what is going on in the animation
He's dancing because he did a goal before, and the rest of the people is jumping at the same
why he/she is there
Because he's playing futbol at the stadium
who he/she is with
He is with with fans of the team

priandbrian said...

this is our blog http://priandbrian.blogspot.com/

LucíaA said...

I leave our work ! http://corazondejesus5th.blogspot.com/2010/05/bear-pink.html

Victoria Rojas and Lucía Aguilera

Irma Alvarez said...

Profe aca le dejamos nuestra animacion esperamos que le guste
Irma y Manuel