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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Monday, April 26, 2010

Revision time

In the space provided, write the proper form of the irregular verb named in parentheses after the space. Either a simple past or a participle form of the verb will be required



Put a text into sentences. When you finish, tell us how well you did it:



Nahuel Orosco said...

Total time taken to ex2: 01:59 :) I found 20 mistakes, 10 capital letters and 10 full stops.

bimbo said...

it`s very fun the ex 2 but the first i don´t like :)

Lucia villan said...

Ex 2: I made a mistake by not only finding one full stop. The rest are good, Capital letters found: 9/9 and full stops found: 7/8

Victoria Rojas said...

Capital letters found: 7/9
Full Stops found: 7/8

Brian said...

teacher i don't understand the ex. 1
Ex. 2 : Capital letters found: 5/9 and full stops found: 2/8. In the last ones two I finish myself the time.

Marina Alfonso said...

Try to do it again and you'll have better results.


Anonymous said...

I did the second exercise before 1 second promedy :P

Anonymous said...

i made all this exercises And emm the first was dificult but the second it was so easy for me.. because the man said all the mistakes XD


yamila deamigo said...

Capital letters found: 7/9
Full Stops found: 7/8