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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Present Perfect vs Simple Past

Let's go on practising the present perfect and the past simple tenses, shall we?

Go to the following link:http://real-english.com/reo/52/52-1.htm

There you will find short videos with different kinds of comprehension question. If you have a microphone, , you'll also be able to record yourself.

Try it, you'll surely enjoy it!

Don't forget to write about your experience in "comments".


Mariana said...

This video is really old, but it's interesting and to the activity enjoy it

Marina Alfonso said...

You're right, Mariana. It isn't new. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Yamila said...

The activity is very interesting and nice.

Yamila Deamigo said...

The activity is interesting and nice.

Marina Alfonso said...



Anonymous said...

the activity is good and enjoy it!


brian said...

The activity is very good.

Nahuel Orosco said...

I love the hairstyle of man, he look like tarzan jaajaj

Anonymous said...

this activity make me laught it so funny